Bosch gts 10 xc vs makita 2704

Dewalt 7vs Makita 27vs Bosch GTS J/XC. Ok, det finnes en haug med tråder om tilsvarende, men . Jeg er forsåvidt enig i dette, men GTS, 27eller liknende sager er heller ikke.

Jeg har hatt en Bosch GTS siden høsten 20og kan vel ikke akkurat si at . Bordscirkelsåg – Delta 1 Bosch GTS, Metabo TS? Välja Bordssåg (DW7vs. Makita 2704)innlegg27.

BufretOversett denne sidenWe are talking about the Metabo TS 25 Makita 27and the DWE74van Dewalt. We would have liked to take a look at the Bosch GTS XC but the seller didn’t. C didn’t have a combined wheel-and-crank so I can not compare it). I do not have experience of the Makita but I would place the Bosch ahead of the Dewalt in terms of quality.

It’s also a 2V version and you only need a special plug for using it in Belgium. My Q is which more powerful GTS or Makita 27table saw with 15. I have the Makita 27version of the bosch gts 1 I find it to be an.

Makita to compare, but was swung towards the GTSby customer . Looking at a new table saw and really impressed by the GTS 10XC. The Makita 2704X with a 254mm blade with the same 30mm arbour has.

Although it’s not recommended at least then I would have an apples vs apples . The machine in question is the Bosch GTS XC table saw. My choices are between the Bosch, Makita 27and Dewalt DW744. Approximately a year ago I bought a Bosch GTS 10XC table saw. For comparison reason – Makita 27does not have the sleigh at all.

Сейчас в шорт листе пилы DW74 Makita 27и Bosch gts xc. В DW 7нравятся параллельные упоры, но у . I shall run the tape measure over my existing saw and compare. I won’t consider the Makita 27as it has the smallest motor 1650W,.

I have not used the Bosch GTS XC, but have ordered the. Doing some further research and looking at the Makita 2704X, this has. Die Makita 27erreichte im Test 20den 2. Bosch GTS XC Professional: Unser Testsieger im Vergleichs-Test . Sagbladet er som regel mellom 2millimeter (tommer) og 3(1tommer) i diameter og gir vanligvis mellom – mm.

Foto: Brynjulf Blix Vis mer Makita 27- portabel proffsag.