Bubble level

Hold en av mobilens sider mot et objekt for å finne helning eller lod eller legg den på en overflate for en 360° måling. A bubble level, spirit level or simply a spirit is an instrument designed to indicate whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb). Hold any of the phone’s four sides against an object to test it for plumb/level, or lay it down on a flat surface for a 360° . Bubble Level is a free utility app that turns Android mobile device into a functional bubble or spirit level tool. A spirit level, bubble level or simply a level is an instrument designed to indicate whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb).

NEW and UNIQUE features and functionalities: 1. Handy Level (one of the tools of iHandy Carpenter toolkit) is now for free!

Spirit level vials (bubble levels), in particular electro-optical sensor vials for use in self levelling equipment. Available to buy online, with fast delivery. Low cost, high quality circular spirit levels for all applications. Custom OEM design manufacturing, or buy online with fast delivery. Spirit levels, also known as bubble levels, are an essential tool for getting the job done right.

Find out how they are made, used and read. Did you know iOS includes a bubble level? Well, it does, but it’s hiding in a strange spot. Lay device flat on surface and adjust until bubble is center to level. Pocket Bubble Level – perfect app for every handyman, DIY and smartphone holder.

Accurate, nice and easy to use, at the same time very functional. Simply open Now or Search in Chrome and look for bubble level, and you’ll get a, well, bubble level. Buy Used and Save: Buy a Used Three Axis Hot Shoe Bubble Level for all DSLR Came. Level – An Android bubble level (native) application available on Play. A tool employing a chamber with a colored liquid and an air bubble, used to determine if a surface is level horizontally, vertically, or at a 45-degree angle.

A year or so back I built a camera pole level indicator that used L. Ds to indicate the angle of the tower as a visual aid.