Caitlyn build s6

Caitlyn Build Guide Season by Misterfirstblood By misterfirstblood. I published this guide on April 26th 2016.

Sorry for Mistakes in my Syntax, im german and . SEASON 7] Caitlyn ADC In-Depth – Back Line Carry. League of Legends Premiere Caitlyn Strategy Builds . Player rated Caitlyn guide created by LoL Fans.

Gameplay video – Full game By Proxxiii updated December 1 2015. I think we can all agree that Fervor is the best for auto-attack adcs. I think oppressor is better than bounty hunter, but if you have no cc in lane then bounty hunter . Summoner Spells; Runes; Masteries; Abilities; Items; Champion Matchups; Comments.

Guide Caitlyn Carry AD S- Découvrez nos conseils pour jouer la Shérif de Piltover, qui coûte 48IP. Découvrez à travers ce guide le build pour jouer Caitlyn dans son rôle d’Ad Carry.