Carbon fiber kart parts

Comet Kart Sales – The Largest Kart Shop on the Net – Racing Karts, Go Kart, Go. OTK Carbon Fiber KZ Silencer Cradle Support. The BAC 2Carbonator is a revolution in kart axle design.

Customers have verifie our axles smooth out the rough parts of the race track where as steel . I have been making my own Carbon Fibre parts for my Enduro kart, and supplying some of the other guys in the class too. The main reason for using a carbon fibre floor tray is to save weight, however by using. Recovering round tubes on Racing Go Kart with carbon fiber.

Home; OTK Kart Parts; Carbon Fiber Components. Since carbon fiber seems to be the new favorite material of the UAS, I decided to get involved.

These parts can be made with off-the-shelf . Performance products and parts for the Outlaw Kart Racing industry. Carbon Fiber Hood/Tail can be purchased as a set or separate. Carbon fiber racing seats – HTE-R CARBON XL . The Xpect Racing chassis from Slack Karts is a state of the art winning chassis that is available in a Sit. Hi, i work for a carbon fibre company (the fgrade pre preg kind) and just wonderd what parts people may be avalible to make on karts?

Carbon fiber support for integral chain guard. During my time in FSAE I lead a project to make carbon fiber wheels for the Maryland Formula SAE car.