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Matthew’s effects are still being felt in North Carolina after leaving a trail of damage in the southeastern US and the Caribbean. Matthew, the deadly storm that’s spread misery from the Caribbean to the Carolinas, is no longer a hurricane. The latest photos from Hurricane Matthew as it heads from the Caribbean up to the East Coast.

Hurricane Matthew shattered several records during its deadly march through the Caribbean and up the southeast US coast. As Hurricane Matthew sets its sights on the US, more than million people have already been urged to flee their homes, with more evacuations . Hurricane Matthew is expected to slam the east coast of the US in the next day or two leaving residents with. CNN) Hurricane Matthew could take a turn and head back to Florida again after making landfall this week, according to some forecast models.

Four deaths are reported in North Carolina and Georgia after Hurricane Matthew made landfall in South Carolina, and inland flooding is now a . Floridians along the Atlantic coast were coping Friday with rising water as Hurricane Matthew drenched the state with rain and as strong winds . Hurricane Matthew battered Florida for several hours leaving million residents without power and causing. Hurricane Matthew brought powerful winds and heavy rains to Haiti Tuesday morning. The dangerous Category hurricane is packing winds of . CNN) Hurricane Matthew, now a Category storm, is hitting the Florida coast today. It will then turn north and head for Georgia and South . More flooding is coming to North Carolina, where hundreds already are in shelters since Hurricane Matthew hit, Gov.

Hurricane Matthew has already killed hundreds of people across the Caribbean and threatens to flatten homes from Florida to the Carolinas.

Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti, posing a possible threat on the east coast of U. CNN) Jamaicans and Haitians braced for Hurricane Matthew as the powerful Category storm slowed to a crawl in the Caribbean on Saturday . Haiti braced for a pounding Monday night as Hurricane Matthew slowly spun across the Caribbean Sea. CNN) Hurricane Matthew has left behind widespread destruction across Haiti and killed hundreds in its path, and officials fear the death toll . The storm’s US death toll climbed to on Monday, with North Carolina reporting deaths, Florida reporting four, and three each in South . Track the latest weather stories and share your comments with the CNN Weather team on Facebook and Twitter. Pat McCrory declared states of emergency as Hurricane Matthew churned north.

A sinister satellite image of Hurricane Matthew looking like a smiling skull lit up the Internet. Hurricane Matthew pounded the Bahamas on Thursday on its way to the United States, after leaving behind a humanitarian crisis in Haiti. Hurricane Matthew could become one of most expensive storms in U. Walt Disney World theme parks were closed in Orlando because of Hurricane Matthew.

There was no immediate word when it would reopen. NASA’s Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral may survive Hurricane Matthew’s winds but there is still serious risk of flooding from storm . As Hurricane Matthew barrels up the coast of Florida, people are taking their phones out to live-stream the whole thing on Periscope.