Lg hg2

This is LG’s new brown battery – the LG HG2. While the original release of the LG HGwas in 201 . LG HGer et Lithium-ion batteri designet for å tåle veldig tunge laster.

Batteriet er oppgitt til å tåle 20A kontinuerlig og det egner seg derfor spesielt godt til alle . LG IMR 186high drain batteri 20A – 3000mAh Et av LG sine mest populære 186batteri for damping, denne kan gi 20A kontinuerlig og takler 35A i pulser, . NiteCore-i2-V20Universal Intelligent Charger for two Batteries Compatible With IMR/Li. LG HG30mah 186- Meget bra batteri for mekaniske mods og kraftige VW mods og egner seg godt til coiler med sub-ohms motstand.

This item qualifies for bulk pricing: Buy – and get off; Buy 1- 1and get off; Buy 2- 3and get off . Probably the best deal for a Authentic LG 18650HG3. The all new LG 18650HG20A 30mAh Batteries are the perfect batteries to use in VV/VW Mods, pairing LGs renowned quality and consistency with an . Massive 20A continuous discharge current for such a large Ah battery. Tested extensively and ready to buy at wholesale pricing.

Authentic LG HG18620A 3000mAh battery is a high quality and excellent battery that offers maximum discharge current at Amp. Bottom Line: In my opinion, this is a great performing 20A continuous discharge current (CDR) cell. LG HGINR 186LiMn 3000mAh Flat-Top Battery. These batteries are perfect for 186compatible variable voltage and wattage devices.

New 186high drain rechargeable battery from LG Chem. WE DO NOT SELL CLONE BATTERIES, ALL SOURCED . Upgraded in 201 this LG HG1863000mAh Battery now combines a higher operational capacity with its 20A maximum discharge capability. A high quality, rechargeable 3000mAh 186from LG, this flat top battery features a 20A rating and is safe to use in regulated mods.

Original LG INR 186HGLi-Ion Akku, mit seiner großen Kapazität von 3000mAh bestens geeigent für ein langes ausgedehntes Dampfvergnügen. LG 186HG20A 30mAh Battery is a high capacity and high drain battery that is perfect to use with variable voltage and variable wattage mods. HGA continuous – capacity 30mAh,Maximum discharge current: 30A Available options: A pair of Genuine LG HG3x Genuine LG HGGenuine LG .