Macbook 2016 rumors

Apple’s and 15-inch Retina MacBook Pros are the company’s top-tier portable machines, and a major update arrived Thursday, October. On October 2 201 Apple introduced a long-awaited update to the MacBook Pro. When will Apple update its 12-inch MacBook?

We round up rumours of a new 12-inch MacBook, after no refresh in October 2016. The new MacBook Pro 20gets a cool Touch Bar for customisable. Latest: Rumours already suggest that the MacBook Pro will get a spec . Apple’s illustrious MacBook line is overdue for an upgrade, but even.

MacBook Rumors 2016: Will October be the month of the MacBook? Apple’s leading laptop finally catches up – and then some. Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (13-inch, 2016) deals.

Still, it’s not quite what we expected from a MacBook Air 2016. Here’s a look at of the biggest MacBook Pro rumors that you need to know. Based on a slew of leaks and rumors in the last few months, we might be seeing an all-new MacBook Pro with a new look and new features.

It could be the rumored upcoming MacBook Pro expected to sport a. Apple is gearing up to release 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models in June 2016. A new lineup of Macs will be unveiled at Apple’s Mac event Oct.

Apple is rumored to axe the MacBook Air lineup with the release of 20MacBook Pro models. A 20patent filing by Apple hints that the 20MacBook Pro and Air models will feature a touch-enabled keyboard that will not have any . The new MacBook Pro for 2016’s release date will be revealed next week, an analyst has confirme with rumors surfacing around the device’s . Rumors about Apple’s new MacBook Pro 20have been cropping up. If they hold true, we could be looking at a huge jump in terms of design . Low stocks of some current MacBooks models may indicate that Apple.

Everything there is to know about what is said to be a software-focused WWDC. As consumers continue to wait for the official announcement from Apple about the release date of MacBook Pro 201 the latest rumors have . Apple could reveal Macbook Pro 20soon.