Earth diameter

But to complicate matters a little, the diameter of Earth – i. Earth, otherwise known as the worl is the third planet from the Sun and the only object in the. The diameter of the Earth at the equator is kilometres (mi) larger than the pole-to-pole diameter.

Thus the point on the surface farthest from . Earth radius is the distance from the Earth’s center to its surface, about 3km (9mi). This length is also used as a unit of distance, especially in . Science AstronomyBufretLignendeOversett denne siden17.

Earth is the fifth largest planet in the solar system and the densest. Diameter of Earth, circumference, mass volume explained. Bibliographic Entry, Result (w/surrounding text), Standardized Result. The diameter of the earth is 127Km from the equator.

An excerpt from Cosmic Distance Scales – Earth. Here you will find a listing of essential facts about planet Earth, the home to all of humanity:.