Skagos is a large island in the mouth of the Bay of Seals. In theory, the island is part of the north and subject to House Stark of Winterfell. SkagosBufretLignendeOversett denne sidenSkagos is an island in the North.

It is located off the north-eastern coast of Westeros, in the Shivering Sea. It is separated from the mainland by the Bay of Seals. In ADW readers learned that Rickon Stark, the youngest son of Eddard and Catelyn Stark, Osha, and Shaggydog fled to the island of Skagos . Skagos remains one of the greatest mysteries in the series, with very little being known of the Island or its culture.

Skagos is an island in the Bay of Seals— it’s located around the same latitude as the Wall, which may factor into why so many people . We don’t actually know, as we haven’t seen Rickon or Osha in person lately, so there’s no way. A cute theory is that Osha and Rickon aren’t in Skagos at all. Skagos Skagos is an altar of life, crafted by living hands, guided by a living min in a world dea but ever dreaming Anarchic, released January 201. According to this Rickon Stark Skagos theory, the littlest Stark would be a cruel leader and would signify a change in the Stark family history.

Skagos est une île située au débouché de la baie des Phoques. L’île est entourée de nombreux récifs aux courants traîtres.