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A grand tourer in the true sense of the wor the Low Drag GT benefits from the technical, practical and aesthetic improvements of the Speedster, with the long . BufretOversett denne sidenIt is now possible to commission your own Eagle Low Drag GT- a bespoke build based on an orginal Jaguar E-Type from our selection here at Eagle. The creation of the Eagle Low Drag GT was to be a testament to the vision of Malcolm Sayer, and would embody every facet of what we have learned over our .

There must be something in the water in this part – my part – of sleepy, rural East Sussex. Jeremy reviews the Eagle Low Drag GT but how will a child of the sixties do against that of the twenty first. Secon an achingly expensive E-type reborn for the 21st century that’d occupy a space in many a dream car garage: the Eagle Low Drag GT.

Dribbling from seeing the reborn E-Type on telly last night? Let it fill your computer screen this week. The Low Drag Eagle E-Type GT, a modern hard top interpretation of the Jaguar E-Type, is made in the UK. Eagle Customs will offer only a few of these Low . The Eagle E-type Low Drag Coupé is the ultimate incarnation of Jaguar’s classic. Under the bonnet of GT Coupé; Driving Eagle E-type GT Coupé; Wooden GT . We drive the £6500Eagle Low Drag GT, a better-than-new restoration of the Jaguar E-type.

Evo falls in love with the Eagle Low Drag GT, which reinterpret a rare Jaguar E-Type coupe, in its latest video. Henry Pearman of Eagle is working on bringing back the past with the 20Eagle Low Drag GT and Speedster, modern incarnations of the . Described by Enzo Ferrari as “The most beautiful car in the world” the original Jaguar E-type caused a great stir when it first appeared at the Earl’s Court Motor .

Eagle Low Drag GT specs, specifications, laptimes, acceleration times, pictures, photos, engine data, top speed. Modelling of the Eagle Low Drag GT, done in MODO 801. The modern version is named Eagle Low Drag GT, it features an all aluminum lightweight body and is equipped with an almighty 4. When it comes to classic British automobiles, I think it’s probably safe to consider the E-Type king of the hill. In fact, one could probably make a fairly convincing . Eagle Low Drag GT – Rear Three-Quarter Design Comparison:. The Eagle Low Drag GT’s classier nose is visible in this comparison . Use Eagle Low Drag GT and thousands of other Model items to build an immersive game or experience.

Select from a wide range of models, decals, meshes, . Another stunning E-type remake from the maker of the E-type Speedster. The Low Drag GT has more headroom and trunk space than its inspiration, along with . They called it the GT Prototype Coupe, later the Low Drag Coupe. By 196 the FIA decided not to sanction the proposed Production Sports Car . I am currently working on the interior and minor additions to exterior of vehicle. JaguarJaguar CarsEagle LowEagle E TypeType Inspiration.

At some point or another who hasn’t desired a Jaguar E type? The boffins at Eagle have achieved grand touring Nirvana in . The Spyder GT follows on from the Eagle Speedster and the Eagle Low Drag GT. All three versions are restorations built from an original . Meet the £650Eagle Low Drag Coupe that takes 0man hours to build.

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