Irelia s6

Champion guides for the league of legends champion Irelia. Top/Jungle/Mid Builds for Irelia, Will of the. Top/Jungle/Mid Builds for Irelia, Will of the Blades.

League of Legends Premiere Irelia Strategy Builds . Irelia Top Guide: Climb the ladder with Irelia! The cooldown per level runes, is most for get cooldown for longer in the game, you come. It’s very usefull, when you hit late game.

I usually go for the flash and ignite for higher killpotensial, the true damage works against almost any midchampion and could be the difference between . Telpeort outclasses ignite unless you are in mid lane. I strongly suggest getting used to teleport as it gives u a ton more pressure and a ton more kill . Summoner Spells; Runes; Masteries; Abilities; Items; Champion Matchups; How to win! IreliaCarriesU as Irelia vs Darius Top – S6.

IreliaCarriesU as Irelia vs Darius Top – SChallenger Ranked Gameplay. Its Ghost to Lane here giving you guys another guide featuring Irelia, now irelia is super. I started this game in season and Irelia has been my main pretty much since i started.

I took a break from league though, and when I came . Attack speed reduction is extremely strong against Irelia, which lessens the effectiveness of her Hiten Style’s active. View the lane, win rate, tips, and counters to find who wins in the matchup of Fiora and Irelia in our patch 6. LoL Statistics, Builds, Runes, Masteries, Skill Orders, Counters and Matchups for Irelia when played Top. Statistics include Irelia’s Win Rate, Play Rate and Ban . Comment jouer Irelia : Irelia est un bruiser puissant en mid/late game mais qui souffre d’un early plutôt faible.

Il faudra donc jouer safe en early et partir sur la . SIrelia Hojas del viento (Master s6) – Guía en profundidad.