Oleg tinkov net worth

Credit-card magnate Oleg Tinkov saw his fortune fall by $930. He saw his net worth clipped by nearly half, from $1. Oleg Tinkov (Russian: Олег Юрьевич Тиньков; born December 1967) is a Russian .

According to Russian Forbes, Tinkov has lost his billionaire status and his estimated net worth has fallen from $1. Meet Oleg Tinkov, the Russian billionaire and serial entrepreneur. Mr Tinkov cash in tens of millions of dollars worth of his . Oleg Tinkov is typical of the billionaires who have grown wealthy in the shadow of Vladimir Putin’s modern Russia.

If we have Oleg Tinkov, we must have Kim Fournais and Lars Seier. Reports have put Gerry Ryan’s net worth at around $1million Aussie . Tinkoff-Saxo team owner, Oleg Tinkov says he wants to cut Peter. Classics and Tour de France, he may have been worth it. TCS Bank Founder Oleg Tinkov is one of Russia’s most prolific and provocative serial entrepreneurs.

His worth rose $billion from his previous rating after the sale of his. Entrepreneur Oleg Tinkov, who founded and owns a majority stake in the .