Rega dac

Likevel gir den rykende ferske Rega DAC superbe lydopplevelser. The Rega DAC-R is a 16/20/24-bit at 32kHz to 192kHz digital to analogue converter. Rega DAC R bygger på teknologien utviklet av Rega til deres meget annerkjente ISIS CD-spiller.

Kort fortalt benyttes det to Wolfson D/A-Conv. As a manufacturer with a hard-won reputation for hi-fi excellence at a range of price points, Rega is exactly the sort of company we look to for . Rega DAC-R er en topp spesifisert D/A-konverter som med fem digitale innganger og fjernkontroll vil være et naturlig valg i et høykvalitets Hi-Fi mus. Finn beste pris og les anmeldelser – vi hjelper deg å velge rett.

We like to make things, Roy Gandy, Rega’s founder and owner, once told me. Or maybe it was Rega’s chairman and chief . But then the whole idea of a Rega DAC was something of a surprise at first; the company having previously been in favour of keeping CD transport and DAC all . Like every other Rega product, the Rega DAC is simple, functional and offers high performance in its price category. Rega principal Roy Gandy is not a man to . Rega DAC-R now with Remote Control and fully asynchronous 24bit-192Khz USB input – Click Here!

Rega’s first ever DAC is a £5five-filter mini marvel. Another DAC Called Rega DAC Rega’s nomenclature might lack imagination, but Chris Bryant discovers that tis new DAC is a bit special. Device Type: Digital to Analog Converter Input: USB, 2x . Selv om Rega kanskje er aller mest kjent for sine platespillere, har de også opparbeidet et godt renomme innen . I’m gonna be frank: some of the bigger hifi players were caught napping. As the digital audio scene exploded around them, DAC demand was . The Rega DAC-R is now available in Australia at $11RRP and offers many enhancements and meaningful upgrades over the previous . Ny høykvalitets 24/1D/A-konverter fra Rega med fem digitale innganger og fjernkontroll.

DAC-R spiller alle kjente filformater (Wav, Flac, Alac) med . I have the DAC R, I also had the original DAC.