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During its years of operation, Overwatch carried out operations against Talon, spearheaded by Gérard Lacroix. Talon is a terrorist organization that serves as the main antagonist in Overwatch’s narrative. In the Overwatch team (unofficially) we have Winston, McCree, Tracer, Mei, Mercy, etc. Story Idea for Emily and Taloninnlegg4.

How do we know that Sombra is affiliated with Talon? Shooter › First-Person › TacticalBufretOversett denne siden8. For Overwatch on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Which. If Overwatch is GI JOE and Talon is Cobra, they would be . After looking more into the lore of Overwatch I have found that there seems to be a good deal of odd coincidences relating Mercy with other . Widow: Team Talon, blast off at the speed of light!

In a long trip down the researching rabbit hole recently, I decided it’d be fun to turn attention to all the sources we have on Talon, and try to. I was looking at some lore and I began to theorize how some things fit. Overwatch Lore Bytes – where I simplify and explain Overwatch Story and Lore topic by topic! Reaper struggles with his memories following the fall of Overwatch.

Overwatch was officially disbanded thirty years after its founding, after allegations of corruption and gross negligence — as well as infighting . View Dark Overwatch Backstories the Game Doesn’t Tell You and more funny. But in the six years since Overwatch disappeare tensions have risen between human and omnic, stirred by Talon terrorist attacks – particularly . We bring you the latest Overwatch news, coverage and schedules from eSports events and. Parodying one of the most iconic scenes in the Metal Gear Solid comic. Overwatch and Talon inexplicably send Tracer and Widowmaker to move an objective together in – gasp! One thing I don’t understand is, why are the heroes of Overwatch fighting.

Are the bad guys, Reaper, Widowmaker, the members of Talon, are . This Pin was discovered by Pedro Henrique Gonçalves Jovito. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. What if your Heroes were actually your Villains? Hi, this is an imagine blog for all the overwatch characters EXCEPT that there’s a twist of . Talon (Overwatch’s Rival.) Welcome to Talon. My fellow companions are the other leaders.

Please correct the following errors: This match has been cancelled or deleted. You have specified an invalid match for this team. The Minecraft Me apart of TALON (Overwatch) Skin was contributed by Hiccup415. I’ve been working on this skin for a few weeks now but I .