The tenor horn is a brass instrument in the saxhorn family, and is usually pitched in E♭. It has a bore that is mostly conical, like the flugelhorn and baritone horn, . EufoniumBufretLignendeDet anbefales derfor å bruke betegnelsen eufonium på de fleste korpsinstrumentene, og barytonhorn og tenorhorn på de instrumentene som faktisk er .

Den Lille Basun AS Produkter Messinginstrumenter Tenorhorn/ Baryton. Tenor horn solo version of Georgia on my mind by Moreland City Brass Band. Studentmodellen av baryton/tenorhorn fra Yamaha.

Et av de desidert mest solgte instrumentene til brassban skolekorps.

Tenorhorn i ess kalles oftest for althorn, se althorn for mer informasjon. Tenorhorn i B har enten tre eller fire ventiler og klinger en none lavere . Suverene priser på tenorhorn og tilbehør. It is an alto range instrument pitched in E-flat that is used in British-style brass bands. Standard modell 3ventiler boring: 12.

Alto Horn This instrument is a taxonomic conundrum. It is shaped like the tubas, and has some of the characteristics of that family, but due to its . Welcome to Al’s Tenor Horn Page, sister site to Al’s Mellophone Page. This page will hopefully serve to promote, legitimize, bolster, support, celebrate and dispel .

I’ve been asked a few times and the answer is always really whatever is most comfortable for you and . Adolphe Sax, son of cabinet-maker Charles Joseph Sax was born November 18in the town of Dinant in the Meuse valley in Belgium. John Packer JP1MkIV Tenor Horn Save Now. Secondhand Sterling Eb Tenor Horn Lacquer. Profesjonell serie: Bb instrument, Materiale: Yellow messing, Ventiler: på toppen på siden , klokke: 211. Tenor horn, also called Althorn, orAlto Horn, brass wind instrument derived from the cornet and the valved bugle, or flügelhorn.

Stein Ivar Mortensen(N.M.O. 126m/CD) . The series is complemented by a valve tenor horn (Model 146) which was the winner instrument of the German Musical Instrument Award 2014. This is a good student Eb Tenor Horn by Corton, Germany.

All slides valves move well it plays fine.