Usb programming cable 8fun bafang bbshd bbs02 bbs01 mid drive motor

This USB programming cable allows connection of a PC and the 8fun Bafang BBS0 BBS0 and BBS03/BBSHD mid drive motor electric bike motors in order to . Compatible with the Bafang BBS0 BBSand BBSHD 1000. Access the custom program settings to dial in the performance of your drive. Usage note: Make sure to disconnect the battery before connecting the USB to . It is by far the cheapest programming cable have seen for sale. One way that the BBSmiddrive unit shines over other competition like.

USB port, a programming cable (from Empowered Cycles) and the software. You do not need amps for this motor to perform. Special Sauce PAS settings, the Bafang factory settings are . USB Programming Lead for Bafang BBS0 BBS0 and BBS03/BBSHD mid-drive motors.

Our interface uses the Prolific Technology CH3to serial interface . Don’t forget to cross rx and tx such that tx (transmit) of your USB to serial go to rx (receive) on the controller. This way, the programming software is working fine. BBS01/and the first four digits of the motor serial number,. How to connect the Bafang BBS-and BBS-e-bike controllers to a laptop and program via USB to Serial. Check out the Luna Cycle $5BBSto BBSHD Upgrade.

Luna Cycles is offering a bare bones BBSHD drive and controller for people who have BBS0 BBSand. The Bafang Factory limits the MPH that the motor will kick-in at. You can download the USB drivers if needed and the 8fun software from this same link.

One of my current personal BBSis set up with 52tx11t gearing and weighs in at 57lbs.