Tp link

TP-Link is a Chinese manufacturer of computer networking products based in Shenzhen, Guangdong. BufretLignendeOversett denne sidensame form factor as the TL-WR702N. TP-Link no longer list the TL-WR703N on their website, only the TL-WR702N, which has no USB connector and MB .

TP-Link firmware if you intend to switch to OpenWrt via the TP-Link webinterface. Dual Band (concurrent) and Gigabit Ethernet. Advertised as 7Mbps it is Dual-Stream (2×2) on the 2. The TP-Link WR740N is an even lower-cost (around 20€/$retail in 10/2012) variant of the TP-Link WR741ND differing only in the .

Note: TP-Link also markets a very different router under the same name. Even though it is marketed as a 3G travel router, the TL-WR720N . See also TL-MR30and TL-WR703N or TP-Link TL-MR10U, TP-Link TL-MR11U, TP-Link TL-MR12U and TP-Link TL-MR13U Note: Many of these routers are . Note1: The TL-WR841N is identical except that the antennas are not detachable. TP-Link naming scheme is, that devices ending in a D have . TP-Link support say Vhas improved chipset which is DFS certificated.