Cat s60 review

Varmekameraet på baksiden av Cat Skan brukes til å finne alt fra dårlige kabler, til personer som har gått seg bort i skogen. Mobile › Mobile PhoneBufretOversett denne siden Vurdering: 8/- ‎Vurdering fra Alastair Stevenson25. The CAT Sis one of the most interesting smartphones I’ve tested this year.

Featuring a rugge near-indestructible chassis, the Sis the . Share you thoughts and opinions by commenting below. Cat phones of the past have never been about having the best specifications, more about having the toughest phone build on the planet. The Cat S60’s durable build is impressive, but its appeal is limited to those who can make good use of its built-in thermal imaging camera.

Caterpillar’s Cat Ssmartphone almost manages to accomplish that feat thanks to a unique feature, a heat sensor, that transformed it into the . From the moment you unbox the Cat Sit’s apparent this phone is unlike anything you’ve seen before. The new $5Cat S— yes, Cat, as in Caterpillar the construction company, though the phone is made by a company called Bullit Mobile . The Cat Stakes rugged phones to a new level with the world’s first built-in thermal camera, a surprisingly elegant design and fantastic battery .

It’s too bad my review unit’s finicky door led to its demise, though. The Cat Sis a unique unlocked phone with an extra-rugged body and a built-in thermal imaging camera, but it’s relatively costly for the . The Cat Sis the very first Cat phone we’ve reviewed on Android Police, and it should be obvious why. Les tester og omtaler før du skal kjøpe på nett. We went hands-on with the Cat Sat MWC to see if it can compete with its rivals. In this Cat Sreview we consider Cat Sdesign, features, . Thermal image smartphone gives you Predator vision.

Thermal imaging like the Predator and built to last – it’s our full review of the super-tough CAT S60. Let’s go ahead and get something out of the way: the Sis Cat’s best smartphone yet. With that sai and maybe more importantly, this device . In addition to its Predator vision, the Cat Scan also take a beating.

Inledning Cat Sär väldigt tydligt inte bara tålig, utan erbjuder dessutom en hel del unika funktioner. Ja, den är förresten inte bara tålig, utan .