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WATCH: Chuck Woolery Slams Hollywood Over New Anti-Trump Ad. Report: Obama to Transfer More Gitmo Detainees Before Trump Takes Office .

Celebs Plead With Congress in New Video: Save Us From Trump! Full coverage of President-elect Donald Trump’s transition efforts. Full coverage of President-elect Donald Trump’s . Articles and videos about Trump Transition on Fox News.

Den påtroppende amerikanske presidenten Donald Trump antyder nå at han vil godta hacking-rapporten som anklager Russland for å ha påvirket høstens . For dag siden – Ex-Fox Contributor and Current Trump Staffer Monica Crowley Reportedly. Prior to getting the job, she was a Fox News contributor and . For dag siden – An investigation by CNN’s KFiles reveals that ex-Fox News analyst and Donald Trump appointee Monica Crowley plagiarized extensive . For dager siden – Donald Trump likte så dårlig å bli grillet av Megyn Kelly at han boikottet en Fox-debatt med de republikanske presidentkandidatene. For dager siden – Fox News Gave Trump Nearly $Million In Free Airtime During The First Leg Of The Republican Presidential Primary Campaign.

For dager siden – A man who harassed Ivanka Trump on a JetBlue flight was tight-lipped when confronted about his actions, according to a report airing this . For dager siden – A Trump ally replaces a journalist the president-elect viewed as an adversary in one of cable TV’s most-viewed time slots. President-elect Donald Trump criticized news reports on Friday that U.

For dager siden – Rupert Murdoch moved swiftly and unexpectedly to fill the void opened up by Megyn Kelly’s departure for NBC. But hey, seems like that’s too much to ask! For dager siden – One of two men who were removed from a JetBlue flight for heckling Ivanka Trump was confronted by a Fox News reporter in Brookyln. Fox News Live Stream 24H HD – CNN Live Breaking News President Elected Donald Trump Fox News Live.

BufretOversett denne sidenFor time siden – We’ve long noted the close relationship between Donald Trump and former Fox chief Roger Ailes. Now, Ailes’ replacement, Rupert Murdoch, . For dager siden – David Clarke, the Fox News sheriff, puts Milwaukee on the back burner. He emerged as one of President-elect Donald Trump’s most visible . Stephen Collinson and Maeve Reston, “Donald Trump’s Next Reality Show: 201”. Fox News Sunday, Fox News, July 1 2015; CBS This Morning, CBS, .