Netatmo wind speed sensor

The Wind Gauge communicates through the main indoor Netatmo base. It allows you to monitor wind speed and direction. You can add only one Wind Gauge module to your Netatmo Weather Station. Discover Netatmo’s Personal Weather Station and its connected accessories to keep track of what is happening in your indoor and outdoor environments.

You can now measure wind speed and wind direction with the Netatmo Wind. I love the Netatmo weather station, and duly bought an extra indoor sensor and .

After I placed the wind sensor outside to the location I wanted it, the base . Everything you need to know about the Netatmo Wind Gauge,. It tracked local weather conditions on your phone with enough accuracy to be informative, especially for niche users. The netatmo anemometer/wind sensor is no stand-alone device. The Z-Weather is next to the wind speed also able to transmit air . These devices are relatively inexpensive, but you’ll need to have Netatmo’s $1Weather Station in order. Russell Garrett-Martin After my external weather sensor broke after months I queried about getting it repaired.

Netatmo expands its Weather Station with instruments to measure rain and. The $wind gauge uses solid-state sensors to measure wind speed and.

The $1starter kit includes one indoor and one outdoor sensor for .