Dermizax nx

Dermizax NX is a waterproof, windproof, and breathable membrane that has been specially developed to provide maximum protection against all kinds of . Redefining breathability through molecular control technology; Speedy transmission with minimal condensation; Environmentally conscious membrane; Highly . Dermizax NX vs Gore-Tex Pro : Which keep you driest? Dermizax NX simply sets a new high-water mark for breathability with waterproof shells,” says Chris Pew, founder and the director of product at . TREW Gear makes stylish, technical ski and snowboard outerwear using Dermizax NX, the most breathable, stormproof membrane in the world. Next-generation waterproof breathable technology is, if you ask us, the leading membrane in the market.

Har ymse plagg på vanlig Dermizax selv, men NX skal puste desto bedre.

Hva er egentlig forskjellen mellom Dermizax nx og Dermizax ev ? Dermizax-forvirring (Bergans)innlegg20. Outerwear 201: Marketing Wars, New Technologies, Paradigm Shifts. The newest varietal, “Dermizax NX” is claiming 2000mm, 30k-50k.

That being sai Dermizax NX is mysteriously absent from this site, as is . Dermizax is the name for a family of waterproof breathable technologies from Toray. EV and NX are the specific laminates most often seen in . Dermizax NX, eine neue Membran auf dem Markt und im Outdoorbereich exklusiv bei Bergans. Mit diesem Material – und den Jackenmodellen . Dermizax NX: The waterproof/breathability rating (2000/4000) for this stuff sounds nuts, but there’s hardly any info on it on the web. That’s why we use Dermizax throughout all our collections.

Functions: Wind and waterproof; Excellent self-regulating properties for breathability and moisture . The main difference I found was that the DWR on the Dermizax did not. The newer versions are called Dermizax NX or something similar but . We are moving all our shells (Freeride and Touring) to the Dermizax NX membrane as we believe this is the best performing membrane on the . Die Dermizax Membran aus Polyurethan (PU) besitzt im Gegensatz zu. Hier liegt zum Beispiel Dermizax NX mit Werten von über 30. De ska vara minst lika bra som Gore tex fast med stretch.

Används bla av Bergans, Cross och Lundhags. Thomas Edison When TREW was getting feedback that their gear was, Too heavy, too beefy, and not. Die japanischen Textilingenieure von Toray schicken mit Dermizax EV und Dermizax NX zwei atmungsaktive und hochelastische . The most remarkable attribute of the Stryn may be the 4-way stretch fabric and Dermizax NX membrane with which it is constructed.

The market leading PU-membrane Dermizax is a hydrophilic membrane that absorbs. Bergans Storen jacket using the new Dermizax NX .